Radio is Art


Somewhere along the way, there has probably been some artist who captured your heart. For me, it’s Claude Monet. Back in the late 80’s, we got a chance to walk through The Louvre in Paris and we brought home two Monet prints that hang in my house. Often I stop in front of either picture and just stare.

The talent, the care, the skill, the subject, the color choices – they touch me over and over.

One day Tommy Kramer said to me: radio is art. He said it in passing but it stuck. I didn’t understand because I was young and hadn’t figured out much back then. But considering this notion of radio being art has morphed into a deep conviction that 100% yes, radio is an art form. Most people don’t know that or respect the art of radio, but nonetheless, it is.

That next break you snuggle between two songs or perform before a stopset is potentially full of timing, sound, flavor, color, chemistry, volume, speed, depth, feelings, conviction, transparency, layers of emotion, humor, pain, wisdom, and, best of all, you.

Just for a few days, open up your mind to radio being art, and ponder this: what you put between the songs can be much more than safe “blah blah blah” that leads to your Friday paycheck.

What you create has the power to move another human being, maybe for a lifetime.

IDEA: Find a true radio artist and listen a bunch this week. What makes them great? I’ve been inspired by the wit, timing, and presence of this guy.

Lisa blogs for on-air talent in Christian radio. She creates daily shows for stations around the nation, she coaches air-talent, and she lives in Denver with her family and her ever increasing number of Westies. Listen or reach her at


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