I LOVE that song!


“Oh man, I love that one.”

How many times have you heard this? A song on the radio ends, and the DJ says, “Oh man, I love that song!”

I don’t care. Because the fact that you like that song is not about me. The fact that you like that song is not topical, relevant, or compelling to my life. And sadly, if you say how much you like a song, it usually means you say it several times a show. As if the best thing you are bringing to the table to first captivate my attention or set yourself up to be heard by me is just your emotive response to a song. Over and over and over…

And have you considered this? I might not like that song. Maybe I was listening the whole time with you, wading through that tune to get to the next one. Because I need your station in my life. Because life is hard and I’m hungry for hope and encouragement. And then you come on the radio and drive a wedge between you and me with your “Man, I love that song” mindless transition that is the opposite of my thoughts and feelings.

Please never say it again. Please take yourself out of the first 10 seconds of every break you ever utter. Please?

Here are some other options, just off the top of my head …

  • “If you like that song, then you are like Sarah who just called crying because that song has made such a difference.” Then tell Sarah’s story.
  • “You just heard the new song by Matthew West, and we hope you like it.” Then talk about something really relevant, topical, and/or compelling.
  • Insert something compelling from the story you are about to tell. Like, “It was kind of scary, the way he was yelling as they dragged him off the plane.” Then do your elements and tell the story.

Seriously most ANYTHING could be better than “Oh wow, I really love that one.”

Assert yourself and try to start your next break with heart. Because she needs someone to captivate her attention and give her something that will make her next few moments of life a little brighter.


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