Respect the audience


Driving 1,000 miles (each way) over the recent holiday, I scanned the radio dial searching for something to capture my imagination to help pass the time.

More often than not, what I heard a lot of ads and even more promotional teases to visit some station website.

Here’s the thing: When someone tunes into your radio station, they want to be entertained, inspired, or amused. “Promoting” or, even worse ,”teasing” content is a waste of time. Just create a compelling moment for the person listening right now before she hits scan, or more likely, OFF.

Would you watch a TV show that constantly reminded you mid-story to check out their website? Of course not!

Radio is the original social network, so be social. Make your audience laugh, cry, or be inspired to do good. But don’t waste your time (or ours) telling us you have a website.


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