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Goldsmith Media Group helps our clients craft custom strategies to expand their reach and maximize their impact.

From marketing plan facilitation and execution to program development and professional coaching as well as media planning and buying, Goldsmith Media Group can help you implement your unique strategic plan.


“I loved working with Paul. He is creative, bright and fun. He has a mind for marketing, and all the focus and energy to make ideas happen.”


Alan Mason
President, K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Network


“Paul is a catalyst to the gifts in others. He is passionate about God, family, radio, injustice, children, and whatever he is focused on. Thankfully, he continues to help me focus and grow. For your team, your project, or your personal professional growth, he will infuse passion and help you make important, strategic decisions.”

Lisa Williams
Host of Life with Lisa Williams

“I can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He knows his stuff. He’s a joy to work with. But even better: He understands the wider culture – what people are really looking for when they tune in. Paul asks the right questions, and he just makes things sound better. I can’t think of a station that wouldn’t profit from spending time with him.”

Brant Hansen
Author and Host of The Brant Hansen Show

“I have never worked with someone with so much energy! Paul is one of those people who understands that in order to find that one great idea that works, you have to sift through a lot of ideas that don’t work! He never gives up, and is passionate about what he has his hands in. Paul was great to work with, and I hope our paths can cross again one day!”

BJ O’Neal, Station Manager
Station Manager, WAY-FM Media Group

It’s The Experience, Stupid.

Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign was about a lot of things. Political strategist James Carville knew that if they were to win they needed to focus on one central theme, thus coining the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”. Your radio station is about a lot of...

Make Christian Radio Fun Again

"Well, isn't that special...could it be, Satan?" The memorable catchphrases of the classic SNL "Church Lady" character played by Dana Carvey are so funny because we all know someone like that. We've all met some super-religious buzzkill that attributes every...

Feckless Love

Most people don't love radio. Those of us who do, likely, work in it. When it comes to radio, most people are feckless-that is to say, utterly indifferent. Ever been on a road trip and tried to convince your travel companions to pop in to the local radio station?...

Settling for Greatness

What would the world be lacking if God settled for okay?  In the beginning, God created new things that had never before existed and then He called them good. Not okay, not passable; GOOD. We are charged with being good stewards of what God provides us.  Why...

Lessons from a Hall of Famer

Millions of us grew up listening to John "Records" Landecker on the radio. He's incredibly talented, for sure. But what separates Landecker from other, less accomplished, talented people is hard work and perseverance. In introducing Landecker to his 2017 National...

In my heart, I know I’m funny

It's not easy or always fun. But we all need coaching. It's not easy because you might feel embarrassed, insecure, or foolish when you realize something you've been doing publicly is not as good as you thought it was.  As self-aware as we think we are, we all...

Radio is Art

Somewhere along the way, there has probably been some artist who captured your heart. For me, it's Claude Monet. Back in the late 80's, we got a chance to walk through The Louvre in Paris and we brought home two Monet prints that hang in my house. Often I stop in...

Find Your Farm Report

What's the One Thing you're working to improve this week? If you need some inspiration for your show or station, just pick a recurring feature, like say, a "farm report". There's a #showhack I first heard from Randy Lane that might help when you are working to improve...

The One Thing

In the movie City Slickers, Curly, the crusty old cowboy played by Jack Palance, says the secret to life is “one thing.” When asked by Billy Crystal, playing a stressed out, overwhelmed New Yorker what that one thing is, Curly replied, “That’s what you need to find...

Rube Goldberg Radio Contesting

Rube Goldberg was an illustrator famous for depicting complicated gadgets that performed simple tasks in convoluted ways. A Rube Goldberg radio contest is similarly complicated. "Most Christian radio station contests are WAY too complicated. People aren’t going to...