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Goldsmith Media Group works with people and organizations to develop and implement custom strategies that better communicate their passion and purpose.

Through media planning and buying, radio program consulting, on-air fundraising support, contract negotiation, talent development and coaching, Goldsmith Media Group can help you think and implement.


“I loved working with Paul. He is creative, bright and fun. He has a mind for marketing, and all the focus and energy to make ideas happen.”


Alan Mason
President, K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Network

“Paul is a catalyst to the gifts in others. He is passionate about God, family, radio, injustice, children, and whatever he is focused on. Thankfully, he continues to help me focus and grow. For your team, your project, or your personal professional growth, he will infuse passion and help you make important, strategic decisions.”

Lisa Williams
Host of Life with Lisa Williams

“I can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He knows his stuff. He’s a joy to work with. But even better: He understands the wider culture – what people are really looking for when they tune in. Paul asks the right questions, and he just makes things sound better. I can’t think of a station that wouldn’t profit from spending time with him.”

Brant Hansen
Author and Host of The Brant Hansen Show

“I have never worked with someone with so much energy! Paul is one of those people who understands that in order to find that one great idea that works, you have to sift through a lot of ideas that don’t work! He never gives up, and is passionate about what he has his hands in. Paul was great to work with, and I hope our paths can cross again one day!”

BJ O’Neal, Station Manager
Station Manager, WAY-FM Media Group

I LOVE that song!

“Oh man, I love that one.” How many times have you heard this? A song on the radio ends, and the DJ says, "Oh man, I love that song!" I don’t care. Because the fact that you like that song is not about me. The fact that you like that song is not topical, relevant, or...


I'm excited to announce that as of May 1, Goldsmith Media Group will be my full-time pursuit. My last day as Vice President of Marketing at CURE International is April 30. For the past 3 years, I've had the privilege to lead the most creative marketing team on the...

The Secret to Becoming a Great Storyteller

Ira Glass is one of the greatest storytellers on radio. Ever. He wasn't always great. Watch this. Take heart. It may encourage you as he discusses his own journey and even plays and critiques his own work from his 8th year on a national show. Your taste is good enough...

The Fine Print

Yesterday, United Airlines had a passenger forcibly removed from a flight to make room for a crew member. The passenger bought a ticket, was seated, and then was removed when he refused to "volunteer" his seat. The video of the bloodied and screaming passenger has now...

Stop Fundraising

Fundraising is about you. Your non-profit needs funds, so you fundraise. The time to invite someone to make an emotional decision to support your non-profit is not when you need the money. That's transactional and way too late to make the case for long-term support....

Video Aided and Abetted The Radio Star

If you make something worth hearing or seeing, congratulations that's a good start. But it's only 50% of the work. The other half is finding an audience. When you create compelling content, curate it in a way & place people can find it. (Hint: Facebook, YouTube,...

A Better Choice

Streaming music channels on the internet or TV are a better choice if you are looking for a safe (predictable), commercial free playlist at your next house party. However, if you are looking for more than songs overlayed with trivia, something that isn't predictable...

Pleading Ignorance

We're all much too busy to know everything (most things). When you are introducing a song on the radio or, say crafting a fundraising appeal, it may be the 270th time you've done so but for many listeners it's the first time they are hearing it. Take your time to give...

Is This Anything?

Behind the cityscape of New York City there is an amateur performer or group waiting for their big moment. The curtain rises … circus music plays. The act has 15 to 30 seconds to leave an impression with their stunt. The curtain closes. Then, David Letterman and his...

The Purpose Problem

Your listeners/fans/donors have a purpose problem. We all do. Steve Jobs understood this fact better than most. “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”, Jobs, now-famously, inquired of Pepsi...