$103.5 Million.

That is how much K-LOVE has paid to acquire six stations from Cumulus: WPLJ in NYC, WYAY in Atlanta, WRQX in Washington D.C., KFFG in San Jose, WZAT in Savannah, GA, and WXTL in Syracuse, NY.

Cumulus needed the cash and K-LOVE has it. They’re not sorry and neither should you be. Here is my humble recommendation to individual station operators: get hungry, stay humble, and innovate!

K-LOVE has built its mega-network to scale. I’d contend that one of the best ways to ensure local Christian radio stations thrive is to do the same. Create a Co-Op within the industry with shared resources. Jon Hamilton suggested this very idea in 2017. Perhaps, it’s time. We could take a lesson from Ace Hardware, which has turned the local hardware store into a $5.1 Billion dollar Co-Op ,competing with the big national chains.

Imagine a world where local stations shared production resources, the very best talent, fundraising strategies, music testing, contesting, and promotions. Each local station GM/PD would still be empowered to make the best decisions for their market but as part of the Co-Op would have access to the supply-chain and commit to a standards of excellence for being in the Co-Op.

Let’s do it. Who’s in?