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“I loved working with Paul. He is creative, bright and fun. He has a mind for marketing, and all the focus and energy to make ideas happen.”


Alan Mason
President, K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Network


“Paul is a catalyst to the gifts in others. He is passionate about God, family, radio, injustice, children, and whatever he is focused on. Thankfully, he continues to help me focus and grow. For your team, your project, or your personal professional growth, he will infuse passion and help you make important, strategic decisions.”

Lisa Williams
Host of Life with Lisa Williams

“I can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He knows his stuff. He’s a joy to work with. But even better: He understands the wider culture – what people are really looking for when they tune in. Paul asks the right questions, and he just makes things sound better. I can’t think of a station that wouldn’t profit from spending time with him.”

Brant Hansen
Author and Host of The Brant Hansen Show

“I have never worked with someone with so much energy! Paul is one of those people who understands that in order to find that one great idea that works, you have to sift through a lot of ideas that don’t work! He never gives up, and is passionate about what he has his hands in. Paul was great to work with, and I hope our paths can cross again one day!”

BJ O’Neal, Station Manager
Station Manager, WAY-FM Media Group

Radio Air Talent Webinar: Giving Yourself Permission To Be You Angela's Notes Giving Yourself Permission to Be You On-Air Personal Worksheet By Angela ‘the girl with many last names’ Stevens Lead with Values: Every break contains a value, spoken or unspoken.  Even “fun” is a value.  Values...


$103.5 Million. That is how much K-LOVE has paid to acquire six stations from Cumulus: WPLJ in NYC, WYAY in Atlanta, WRQX in Washington D.C., KFFG in San Jose, WZAT in Savannah, GA, and WXTL in Syracuse, NY. Cumulus needed the cash and K-LOVE has it. They're not...

Create Great Content

The greats in any field make their craft look easy. Michael Jordan has even apologized for that fact. Radio is no different. I was asked to share what it takes to create great on-air content at Positive Alternative Radio’s Vision Week. In my observation, it starts...


Have you ever had a hard time hearing what a radio personality was saying? How about listening to the radio and knowing the jock was voice-tracked? Maybe the levels were off, or the DJ sounded too muddy. In radio, audio is your medium. There are no visuals. All...

It’s Not Show Friends, It’s Show Business

"It's not show friends, it's show business" - Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr) in 'Jerry Maguire' Have you ever noticed how many of your friends are not hosting radio shows? They aren't cut out for it. Your real-life friends probably think it's easy to do radio ... a few of them...

Want to Get Great? Get a Coach.

GM to PD: "What happens if we invest in developing our air talent and then they leave? PD to GM: "What happens if we don't, and they stay? Christian radio is now in that blessed season between summer and Christmas known as "Fundraising." This holiday also includes...